Mapping Out My Dreams

I always wanted to be a Cultural Anthropologist. This year I’ll be working on a research project, but it’s top secret and I can’t reveal it online, or even to journalists.

But if you really wanted in on the secret, maybe fund my education or a class or two. Originally I got into Mount Holyoke but I couldn’t attend due to various issues at home and in the political world. I’m nervous about starting college applications again, who knows? I might cross another border and study abroad.

Pamper Me With Gifts

Click the button to purchase a gift on my wish list & have it shipped directly to me. Most of them are essentials, or things for my apartment.

I’ll be adding some costumes for Halloween as well and lube to practice anal with!

Net A Porter Wishlist
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Kate Spade Wishlist
Chanel Wishlist


These beautiful dresses from Chotronette are so dainty (please reach out to me for my exact measurements if you want to buy me!).

The Gilded Collection

Because it matches my name!

You can buy the corset and suspenders in the link below. I’m a size XS, the corset would cinch me to a 21” waist.

You can also get the panties with the set, which I’m also a XS in.

If you prefer pink panties on me you can get that one here.

Gibson Girls

Growing up I was a fan of the Gibson Girl sketches and fantasy, ever since I found a corset by that name, I’ve wanted a custom made corset of mine own:

Specific Items I’ve Lusted Over

I’m a fan of old world style and can be mostly seen wearing dresses. But my great love is corsets! I currently have a What Katie Did Corset. I haven’t used them in over a year. But I want to start using them again. The one I have is an off the rake corset and I’ve always wanted a custom made one to hug my waist.

I would love a custom corset from Sin & Satin in NYC (I can go in and get professionally measured!)

Alternatively there is RetroFolie, they put classical art on the corset itself. I wouldn’t be able to be measured in person, but I’m confident in my ability to measure.

A Morua Corset

Or the beautiful Victorian corsets over at LaBelleFairy

Alternatively you can get me a E/digitial gift card, or give me a real giftcard. You’ll need to put in my email [email protected] for the E digitial giftcard. If you would like to dress me up, you can contact me about measurements/sizing.

If you need any additional information about shopping together, virtually, in person, or as a surprise, you can contact me and we can set it up.


I adore shopping vintage, here’s an article with places I would love to hit A Guide to Shopping Vintage in New York


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

I enjoy having fun and meeting new people, and am excited you decided on me.